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Our chemical and energy professionals will provide strategic advisory, technical and commercial services for clients to win in the local Jordanian market.

Jordan Energy Consulting Company
Jordan Chemicals Consulting Company
Jordan is stepping up its game. The government has set the target of 10% of energy mix sourced from renewable energy by 2020. It is supported by several incentives, including taxes exemptions. Solar PV is still the most favorable energy alternatives in the country, followed by wind, hydro and biofuels. The total energy consumption in Jordan has reached more than 16 billion kWh per year.

Our team of consultants at Market Research Jordan will provide clients with chemical and energy advisory services in various areas, such as petrochem, chemical 4.0, agrochemicals, alon with sustainability and circular economy. We will guide you to undertake challenges in the market and implement the best strategy to enter and succeed in the market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Jordan Market Intelligence

Clients will be provided strategic and authentic Jordan marketplace insights to help them projecting changes in market demands as well as emergence of new competitive threats.

Jordan Market Entry

We assess several practical options to reduce uncertainty in financial for clients through providing relevant market data, including competitors, customers, channels, partners, and others.

Jordan Competitive Intelligence

We examine market competition in the local Jordanian market and gain understanding from previous experiences to reduce costly omissions. We assure that clients will gain essential advantage by tapping on unexplored market opportunities and blind spots.

Jordan Customer Intelligence

Our professional team will identify behavior, demographic and buying trends of customers through their persona, in order to provide strategic contribution in the development of new products.


Jordan most competitive Arab economy at 7th ranks
Jordan Ranks 7th Most Competitive Arab Economy

The Kingdom of Jordan witnessed an improvement of its global ranking compared to last year and placed as the 7th most competitive Arab Economy.

jordan expects more investment in renewable energy
Jordan Expects More Investment in Renewable Energy

Investment in renewable energy in Jordan is expected to exceed the USD 4 billion mark by 2021 and cover a fifth of the Kingdom’s electricity needs by 2020.

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